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A maximum strength acne fighting formula with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide.

Directions: Apply 1-2 times per day as a spot treatment. Can be used over full face for enhanced benefits. Use with Blemish Clarifying Complex and Clarity-Bac Complex.

Skin Type: Good for all skin types.

pH: 4.5 – 5.5

Size: 1oz


  • Enhanced with a proprietary delivery system designed to carry key blemish actives into the skin
  • Helps degrease the skin by reducing oil on the surface, as well as underneath the skin
  • Advanced peptide formula goes to work on current blemishes and reduces future breakouts
  • Neutralizes bacteria
  • Vitamins, plant sources, and humectants aid in balancing hydration in the skin
  • Creates a more calm, clear complexion without stripping the skin or causing dryness
  • May be applied to all areas of the full-face for oily and acne prone skin. May be applied as a spot treatment for occasional breakouts on all skin types
  • Good for body breakouts on neck, chest, or back